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Dissociated Infusion

Free Range Shows opened their 15th edition on  the 5th of June and it will be running until  the 14th of July. Showcasing some of the UK’s most innovative artists, designers, photographers and architects, Free Range Shows continues to consolidate its key status in the creative industry and in the search of finding the future creative elite.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

Each week different disciplines are displayed, as well as student exhibitors in the context of a graduate show to provide them with opportunities for career development.

Dreams & Aspirations - A Soldier's Journey

Dreams & Aspirations – A Soldier’s Journey

For most of the students, this is the first time displaying their work outside of a school environment, therefore giving them further insight into their work and their future in the creative industry.

Lost Nature - Concrete Jungle Crack

Lost Nature – Concrete Jungle Crack

I went for the Photography Week one exhibition on Monday 15th June.  This was solely for the student exhibitors to showcase the work they had done throughout the year and for this final project. Students came from all over the UK, with schools ranging from the University of Westminster to the Cleveland College of Art and Design.

Herbal Florescence

Herbal Florescence

Here are some of the pieces I enjoyed the most at the show:

In the dark

In the dark

Architectural Revolution

Architectural Revolution

In the Black & White world

In the Black & White world

Routines & Reverie

Routines & Reverie

The list of shows that are still ongoing:

25-29 June:  Art week one

Fine art, photography, Illustration, Graphic communication and much more

02-06 July: Art week two

Fine Art, painting & Printmaking, contemporary arts practice, Design and much more

06-14 July: Interior Design + Architecture week

Architecture, Interior architecture and design, re-works and much more

 We also have an interview with one of the students, as well as some of her works:

FREE RANGE Q&A: Angelika Wierzbicka

Q1. Where and what did you study?
A. Ravensbourne, BA Digital Photography

Q2. Tell us a little about your background – what led you to your course, and to your current creative style?
A. I have had an interest in art and fashion since I was 13, I took art in high school and then from experimenting with different media I decided to take photography at Harrow College where I discovered my love for fashion photography. I chose Ravensbourne for university because it’s made so it prepares people for the ‘real world’ as much as possible. Also it’s the only digital course which I liked about it, I love film photography but I’m not very good at it myself so I’d rather stick to digital. 

Q3. How do you think that your course has helped you to develop your skills?
A. I found the assisting program at Ravensbourne very good for skills development, it was designed so third year students can have first and second year assistants on their shoots which allowed them to learn from a person in their final year. There’s nothing better then learning by watching and engaging. Also the course has really helped me with my communication skills, I’m a quiet shy person so I don’t really like speaking in front of people. The course allowed me to change that by practicing interviews for jobs and presenting my work to the tutors as well as class members.

Q4. In a nutshell, can you describe your aesthetic and the work that you produce?
A. Architectural, clean & natural

Q5. Can you give us a little insight into the process of your work?
A. As I’m a fashion photographer I always start the working process from an idea/concept for the shoot, I create visual mood boards and then send them out to stylists, makeup artists and agencies I work with. When it comes to the shoot I give direction to the models but the amount of it is depending on the concept, I often like the models to be natural and for them and myself to connect on the idea rather then planning all the poses ahead. 

Q6. Is there a wider trend or movement in your discipline that you were inspired by?
A. Yes my final major project that I will be exhibiting at Free Range will actually be inspired by sea-punk subculture.

Q7. Where do you look for inspiration? (ie online, books/magazines, people)
A. Most of the time magazines such as i-D, Novembre, Schon or Russh, work of other photographers. I also love my Pinterest, I pin stuff for inspiration everyday and it’s not always fashion stuff.

Q8. What qualities and skills do you think will be important for life as an arts graduate?
A. Good communication skills, being open and approachable to project and people, being professional of course and what I think for myself as most important is to be motivated and try to make the next work better then the last.

Q9. How do you think you will benefit from exhibiting at Free Range?
A. For me personally it’s more of a statement that I finished university and I get to show hopefully my best work yet to people. Also maybe I could get potential clients or jobs from it, I’m planning to invite few photography agencies so maybe one of them would like my work and offer to manage me.

Q10. What are you looking forward to after graduating?
A. I’m quite scared of that, but I think it’s also exciting because I will get to finally see how it really is working out there and hopefully I will be able to support myself from something that I love.

Angelika Wierzbicka - Ravensbourne - PhotographyAngelika Wierzbicka_MG_7995Angelika Wierzbicka - Ravensbourne_MG_1198Angelika Wierzbicka - Ravensbourne_MG_3394

For more information on the free range shows, visit:

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