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There are a few things that come to mind when you think of The Netherlands and amongst them are; bicycles, Amsterdam, channels, cheese, and…Tulips! Luckily for me, it is spring and the time of the year where Keukenhof or the ‘Garden of Europe’ is open in the town of Lisse (South Holland) with its flower and tulip displays.

I headed over on a day that I thought would be sunny but then again it is spring, so the weather is always altered and there were a few drops of rain… Oh well, nothing was going to ruin the day!

Entrance to Keukenhof
Ticket and Map of Keukenhof

Ticket and Map of Keukenhof, excited!

There are different gardens and exhibitions at the park made up of 32 hectares.

The exhibitions have the names of Dutch Queens

The exhibitions have the names of Dutch Queens

Entrance to Japanese Garden

Entrance to Japanese Garden

This year there are 800 varieties of tulips – I am in awe! The pictures cannot even begin to capture the colors, the sizes, the textures!

tulips 1

tulips 2

orange tulips

Loving the orange tulips!

tulips 3

tulips 4

tulips 5

Shades of pink

Shades of pink! My favorite colour

red tulips

The red tulips are so very bright they appear blurred in the picture

tulips 6Every year there are diverse flowers and tulips displayed in distinctive arrangements throughout the park.

Blue flowers

Yellow Flowers

capture some tulips

Caught in action trying to capture some tulips!

Pink flowerstulips 7tulips 8GardenPondsFunny story, I was very distracted looking at the tulips near one of the big ponds in the park and all of a sudden my feet were surrounded by baby ducks!

So adorable

So adorable

Not only are the flower arrangements different year-to-year but the park’s theme also changes; this year, being 125 years since the death of one of the most important Dutch artists Vincent van Gogh, the park design was inspired by him.


If you are interested in visiting hurry up as the park is open until May 17th. If you visit next year make sure to check when the flower parade is to have the ultimate experience.

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