How to give your home a top hotel decor


Those who have stayed in luxury hotels around Europe will have enjoyed many aspects of what is on offer, from the great service and fine food to the great views and ease of access to local visitor attractions. However, one feature that may have proved particularly captivating is the decor. It may not be possible to recreate the local weather, scenery or tourism attractions outside your front door, but elements of luxury hotel decor can certainly be incorporated in the home. Art Deco is a great example of this. Many hotels come with this style, both in terms of the architecture and the furnishings. The latter is an element that you can certainly insert into your own home.

Featuring the same curved corners, curved table legs and circular table tops, the distinctive style adds a hint of the Gatsby to any home. Add in some lamps with coloured patterned glass, a few period piece statues and the look will be complete. Style is not the only consideration. An area of particular focus should be on recreating a lavish hotel bedroom in your own abode. Plump pillows and an extremely cosy mattress are essential, but so too are touches like a table and lamp on both sides. The same is true of a bathroom. How about adding a jacuzzi and walk-in shower? Heated towel racks are a must too, as these are something only the truly top hotels have. Even the entrance to your home can be given the luxury treatment. You may not have the space, but you can recreate the focal points, like fine artwork, attractive furniture or stand-out flowers such as orchids.

Certain features are vital all over the house, such as fine curtains, since these will certainly present in a hotel. Lavish lighting adds the same effect, something that is so often brought about simply by the fixtures and fittings. You may not have room for huge ones, but small crystal chandeliers can still make a grand impression. By doing all this, you will be able to make your home look like a hotel, and ensure that when you stay in a hotel, it will truly feel like home!

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