Hotels go digital with the use of tablets


The whole world is going digital, and mobile technology is now being used to revolutionise the service in hotels around the globe. You can often see the positive effects of using technology such as tablets from the moment you get to your hotel. Now, instead of just waiting in a queue to speak to someone on the reception desk, concierges base themselves around the lobby equipped with a tablet. This allows staff to not only get you checked in much quicker, but provides the opportunity for a much broader service.

If you’re wondering where the best place is to grab a coffee or some lunch, your concierge can now easily show you. It’s not just concierge staff that are using tablets though. In hotel restaurants, waiting staff are now often using mobile technology instead of the traditional pad and pen. There’s no more worrying that your order could be wrong. Staff place your order on the tablet with any specific requirements and this is sent straight over to the kitchen. It creates a much faster and efficient environment, and allows you to enjoy a consistently high level of service.

Social media and mobile apps are also being used much more regularly by hotels. Many employ staff dedicated to responding to social media enquires. If your query isn’t urgent, then it’s much easier to send a quick tweet or facebook post than to find the time to call.┬áDedicated apps can also make it much easier for you to make bookings or requests before and during your stay.

Many hotels use this platform to offer more in-depth information to guests who are booked to stay. They can offer suggestions for attractions to visit nearby, and places to eat and drink. As the use of technology grows, there really is no limit to how hotels choose to use this to really enhance the customer experience.

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