Holiday hotspot in Zanzibar for 2015


If you are unsure as to where to book your holiday, but know you would like somewhere a little bit unique and a once in a lifetime experience, then look no further than a trip to the island of Changgu, just north-west of Zanzibar. Only 800 metres long and 230 metres wide at most, the island has a history as rich as it is beautiful, and in 1893 a prison complex was actually built upon the island, hence Changgu is also referred to as Prison Island.

However, no prisoners were ever housed at Changuu and today it is one of the most paradical islands on this earth, becoming a popular holiday destination.The clear waters of the Indian Ocean lap gently against the white sand beaches, making it the perfect destination if you are hoping for a bit of peace and quiet. Many actually head to the island, drawn towards the Aldabra giant tortoises that live there. Back in 1919, the British governor of the Seychelles sent four to the island as a gift, and following years of breeding, there are now more roaming the island. The amazing creatures can grow up to 122cm long for males and 91cm for the females, so are well worth seeing, especially given as you are unlikely to get a chance to see them elsewhere.

Some of the tortoises actually live in the old prison, which is still standing, and you can also visit the cells if you wish, so this is an ideal place to see them. An intimate island, there is a tennis court as well as a swimming pool and a library to keep guests entertained. The old European bungalow has also been turned into a restaurant, so however long you plan on spending on the island, you are guaranteed to have a trip you will never forget.

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