H15 – More than just a hotel


Visitors to Warsaw can stay in some great hotels, but it is safe to say that H15 Boutique really is something more. Classy, elegant and quiet, it offers a truly unique experience for guests. On the one hand, the hotel consists of 46 new apartments, recently opened and equipped with the very best facilities, smart decor, and, above all, space and luxury in abundance. While the apartments are new, the building they are housed in is, by contrast, very historic.

Built in the late 19th century, it was home to a secret patriotic organisation whose youth meetings in the early 20th century discussed how Poland could regain independence. However, the building was bought by the Soviet Union in 1924 and became its embassy, with a number of Communists symbols replacing the original Art Nouveau decorations. These remained in place in the second world war, despite the building being taken over by the Nazis. Its status during the war was the one factor that prevented the building being destroyed in the near-total destruction of the city following the 1944 Warsaw Uprising. After the war, with the building under Communist control again, it became the headquarters of a shipping company, but after the Cold War underwent the extensive redevelopment that created the hotel people can enjoy today.

However, the majority of the symbols from the Soviet Embassy years are still in place. So it is that the past meets the present and for modern-day visitors to Warsaw, there are some fine choices of room, from standard double apartments to the most opulent and spacious luxury suites. The facilities include wooden flooring, 55-inch LED TVs, free internet, manual air conditioning, large wardrobes, all the kitchen facilities anyone could need and large, very comfortable beds.

The Signature Restaurant is another great aspect of the hotel, with fine food and distinctive pillars. It is this part of the hotel that contains the majority of the Soviet icons. Put together, there is no doubt this is a Warsaw boutique hotel like no other.

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