Grand Hotel Sofia – bite into Bulgaria’s best breakfast


Sofia is a fascinating and historic city, one of a number of capital cities that tourists from western Europe have been discovering in growing numbers since the end of the Cold War. The city has plenty of fine hotels in which to get a great night’s sleep, but there is no doubt that the best way to prepare for a big day of exploring Sofia is to start the day with a great breakfast. For the best of these, try the Grand Hotel Sofia. Guests are guaranteed a great stay in a hotel that understands the needs of guests and always strives to be the best while providing a service that is truly exceptional. Dining is excellent at the hotel. Its hearty breakfasts will send people on their way into the day, but it is from lunchtime that the restaurant comes into its own.

Open from noon until  23:00, the Red Gourmet Restaurant offers a superb range of tastes and flavours, from traditional local dishes to a range of foods from around the world. Whether it is truffles or lobster in a salad, caviar or quail’s eggs, fish, pasta or steak, there is something to suit every taste. Traditional Bulgarian dishes include corn semolina with white cheese and eggs, rice and minced meat in cabbage leaves and Kavarma, a stew made with pork and vegetables. There is also a Bulgarian option among the cheeseboard selections.  If all this does not ensure guests dine well, the 24-hour room service is on hand to deliver extras whenever required. This is just one of the wonderful services guests can enjoy at the hotel.

Others include a concierge service, valet and car parking, a limousine service, a health and beauty parlour, a hairstyle studio and free Wi-Fi and internet. Art lovers will also enjoy the hotel, which has its own collection in the shape of the Minerva Art Gallery. It hosts various exhibitions of work by artists from all over Europe. So for those staying at the Grand Hotel Sofia, a good start to the day is always a sign of how things will continue.

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