Find peace at the Klotild Palace


Budapest is undoubtedly a lively city that will tempt visitors to head out and paint the town red, but there are times when people need to truly relax and ensure they enjoy a great break away from normal life. The Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace is one place that knows just how much guests like to achieve this kind of balance. The hotel is situated in the Inner City area of central Budapest, close to the Danube and Ferenciek Tere Metro station, making it a perfect place to stay when exploring the Hungarian capital.

However, there is a major emphasis on relaxation and wellness, all of which is central to the Buddha-Bar concept. The bar has more than a golden statue of the guru, as it combined eastern concepts of well being and hospitality with European style and quality. As might be expected, wellness is a big deal at the hotel and guests can enjoy a fusion of east and west in the Buddhattitude Spa, with a range of traditional eastern treatments combined with European specialities like a Finnish sauna, aromatic steam bath and cold plunge pool. The whole idea is to make people feel refreshed in body, mind and spirit. The rooms also bring a taste of the east, with lavish red, white and black colours and rich silks, combined with various dragon symbols.

For guests it may feel like they are in Hong Kong rather than Hungary, but ultimately these are oases of space, relaxation and joy. To top it all, the Buddha-Bar Restaurant and bar offer wonderful dining and beverages. The eatery was devised in 1996 by Raymond Visdan and offers a wonderful flavour extravaganza with influences from China, Thailand, Japan and India, all with a French twist. It is a fusion menu to tempt and tantalise the tastebuds, accompanied by a wide choice of drinks. So for those who fancy mixing the best of east and west, this is undoubtedly the best place to go in Budapest.

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