Enjoy elemental relaxation in Zermatt


Zermatt may be famous the world over for offering thrill-seekers the chance to push themselves to the limit, with the climbing and the skiing being particularly challenging in this part of Switzerland, but it’s also steadily emerging as one of the finest places in the Alps to unwind and relax. Take the spa of the luxury Firefly hotel, for instance. Here, against a spectacular backdrop of rugged snow-capped mountains, guests can forget the stresses and strains of the outside world and truly indulge themselves.

Indeed, the specially-designed spa has been created with specific aim of allowing guests to get back in touch with the essential elements and recharge their batteries while surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views in the whole of Europe. Above all, the Firefly spa makes clever use of water to give guests a truly unforgettable experience. Central to the whole experience is a calm pool surrounded by reclining loungers and bathed in carefully-curated light. Surrounding this world-class pool are a number of treatment rooms, each of which offers a unique experience, all overseen by specially-trained staff and experts in their respective fields.

There’s the aromatherapy steam bath, for example, where the scents are changed daily, ensuring no two visits are ever the same.Then, to follow up a dip in the pool, there a grotto sauna, installed with soothing lights, therapy steam baths and individual massage rooms.For those guests who really want to embrace the elements and be reinvigorated right down to their very cores, there’s an ice bath to sooth the muscles and make the aches and pains of a day on the mountains disappear. And for those not brave enough to take the plunge into a freezing cold bath of water, the chic conservatory offers the chance to simply lie back on one of the contemporary loungers, take in an unbeatable view of Zermatt’s famous peaks, which lie beyond the luxury hotel’s own sculpted winter garden, and treat themselves to fresh spring water from the mountains, as well as fresh syrups and fruits.

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