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In terms of history and atmosphere, few sports venues in the world can rival Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club. And few experiences can beat not only seeing the Reds play in front of their own passionate fans, but also enjoying a taste of the good life beforehand. Luckily, it’s not just Premier League footballers who are able to live like kings on match day. Thanks to the range of high-end hospitality packages on offer these days, it’s never been easier to be wined and dined and entertained before heading off to watch the action. For the ultimate in matchday hospitality, there’s the Isla Gladstone Conservatory.

Located in the heart of the famous Stanley Park, a green space which separates Liverpool’s rivalling football factions, the venue is a Grade II Listed building that has been completely restored and refurbished. Guests are invited to enjoy a three course lunch on the ground floor of the conservatory, giving them sweeping views across the park towards Anfield itself. As well as fine food and wine, the standard hospitality package also includes access to a complimentary bar, while tea and coffee is served right up until kick-off. What’s more, at least one former Liverpool player is always in attendance, circulating through the venue and sharing tales of matches past and present with fans old and new, as well as the managers and fellow players they shared the famous ‘boot room’ with.

Once the lunch is over and the last tea has been served, the ex-Anfield legend then joins the guests as they walk the short distance to take their seats in the stands to watch that day’s action unfold. Hospitality packages are available right through the season, with a number of different grades. At the very top end, Platinum gains access to the matches against old foes Everton and Manchester United, while at the lower end of the spectrum, Bronze level includes tickets to see visitors such as Norwich, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

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