Breakfast at Park Grand Paddington


Park Grand Paddington

It often happens that I wake up with the need for a big delicious breakfast. However, I am not exactly a great chef. Luckily enough, a few streets from where I live, I came across the Park Grand Paddington. My first instinct was to immediately get a table and get started on the buffet I’d heard so much about. However, I thought it might be even more enjoyable to share this meal with someone, so I invited Nicolas, my neighbour and colleague to join me before work.

Ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It is worth investing time on.

I had a craving for a great breakfast and what I carefully selected at the breakfast buffet included the following:

A version of English breakfast




How perfectly toasted is the bread?

And my favourite, Bonne Maman’s famous strawberry jam. You haven’t tried jam until you’ve tried this one, and trust me; you’ll never want anything else.

The service was impeccable, and the food was delicious (I am not only saying that because I was hungry)! The baked beans were definitely in my top 3 of best beans in London, and I won’t even start on the bacon & eggs.  It all tasted so fresh that I personally thanked the Chefs Rajan & Sanish.

The Chefs

The Chefs and I

And Nicolas thanked the girls…

Nicolas and the team

Lucky Nicolas…

Before I left, I made sure to book for brunch the following week, who am I to defy what is important?

Park Grand Paddington

Making my reservation for brunch!

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