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There really is nothing better than a walk along the beach, taking in the fresh sea air and admiring the views. Should you be heading up to Aberdeen for a break, the Balmedie Beach is well worth a visit. Grab the kids and head to the beach, which is located five miles from Aberdeen. Stretching for miles, the award-winning flat sandy beach is perfect for those who either just fancy a walk along, or want to paddle in the sea when the weather is a little warmer.

You will have no problem finding a quiet spot among the sand dunes and it is well worth setting up camp with a picnic in a spot where you and the kids can build sandcastles. In the summer it is worth bringing a swimsuit with you. Alongside the beach itself, Balmedie Country Park at the back of the sand dunes is the perfect place for a little exploration. Head to the two watercourses, which flow to the sea and admire the amount of wetland vegetation that has grown along the way and is worth taking a look at before you hit the beach.

There are also a number of picnic tables located at the park if you would rather not risk getting actual sand in your sandwiches! Plus, there are plenty of toilets available so you need not worry about getting stuck in an awkward position. You can also rent a barbecue for £10 from April to September, so bear this in mind if you are heading to the beach and park on a hot day as there is no experience quite like a beach barbecue!

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