Be Mannos – the Hotel you won’t want to leave


Brussels has many wonderful hotels with superb facilities and unique features, but Be Mannos truly stands out. It is listed among the 65 most luxurious and trendy hotels in the world by Conde Nast Traveller magazine and in the top 25 European hotels by CNBC Business Magazine, so come along and find out why. Getting to the hotel could not be easier for international travellers, as it is located right next to the Thalys and Eurostar terminal.

The first custom-designed boutique hotel of its type in Brussels, Be Mannos is also located very close to two city centre Metro stations РClemenceau and Gare de Bruxelles РMidi. As a result, everything you could need or want to get to in the Belgian capital is close at hand.  Inside, the hotel has an incredible ambience. The design is a modern one with nearly everything in black and white, with natural stone floors, metallic curtains and photographic art in aluminium frames. The terraces of the hotel have a wonderful panoramic view, proving one of the best urban views in Brussels.  The hotel is also geared up to helping people make the most of a stay in Brussels. Its Be Aware mini-site has details of all the latest shows and events going on, whether it is major concerts, cultural shows, theatre, sport or seasonal festivals.

Of course, with so much going on there will no doubt come a point when you will want to relax. The good news is that this hotel is designed to help you do just that, particularly with its outstanding spa facilities.The Wellness Centre offers a sauna and steam bath, with a separate small room for massages, which can help ease out all the pains and strains of everyday life.Of course, there are other ways to relax too, such as the Black Lounge, a facility that lives up to its name, offering a comfortable stopping place to have a drink and tapas, or enjoy a warm summer afternoon from the 300 sq m rooftop terrace.With all these wonders put together, Be Mannos is a hotel that deserves its great reputation. Once you have booked in, you won’t want to leave.

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