The Athenaeum


This month we had the opportunity to visit The Athenaeum, a wonderful hotel in the heart of London.

This fantastically situated property, between the green hearts of London; Hyde Park and St James Park gives you the impression that you are back to a more tranquil time, while still being two steps away from the busiest areas of the city.

We were greeted by Stephen Fox, the Director of Sales who kindly showed us around the property. The hotel is designed with an English flair yet still maintains a creative and elegant touch. Every time we turned around there was another small detail that just made the difference and put a smile on our faces. Highlights of our favourite sights are a mirror that was decorated with London’s traditional red buses and black and white pictures of The Beatles.


We first walked through the whisky bar, tastefully decorated with a warm palette of colours that make you want to cosy up in one of the velvet sofas with an earthy whisky in your hand, while listening to the sounds of soft jazz playing in the background.

When visiting the rooms we were intrigued by the luminosity inside them as the inspire space and a calm surrounding. However, the rooms, while boasting a cream canvas, have specks of colour ranging from autumn orange to sky blue that emit personality and character.

Towards the end of the visit we had the pleasure of meeting Jim Berns, the iconic Doorman and signature of the Athenaeum Hotel. He has been working at the hotel for the past 23 years and we were amazed by the amount of stories he had to tell.

Jim Berns Doorman

It is our suggestion that you visit yourself and ask him to reveal his tremendous insight…

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