Another Day in Kraków…


Less than 10 minutes’ walk from Wawel Castle, you will find a modern and elegant hotel: Sheraton Krakow Hotel. It is an ideal place to stay, rooms are characterized by being spacious, in warm colours and with lovely views to the river Vistula and the mentioned castle – you can choose among more than 200 guest rooms and 8 suites, where you have to highlight the magnificent Wawel Presidential Suite with 105 m2. Its facilities are splendid, with indoor swimming pool, sauna and gym. On summer days, I recommend relax on the roof top terrace & lounge bar with extraordinary panorama of the enchanted city of Krakow.

One of the greatest sources of pride in Poland and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978, is located just 14 miles southeast of Krakow: The Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was opened in the Middle Ages and It was considered the biggest in the world. The salt was an expensive commodity and luxury which helped to generate over the 30% of total revenues of the reign of the country – this also contributed to the many invasions and conquering over the time. That makes Poland such a historical and culturally strong country.

Since work stopped at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in 1996, it has converted one of the most demanded tourist attractions. During your visit, you will feel like you are going straight into the bowels of the earth, descending 135 meters underground – however the mine is more than 300 meters deep. You will go for a tour where you will discover an underground lake, corridors, objects related to the production of salt in the mine, countless salt statues sculpted by miners throughout history and beautiful chapels; of which I would emphasize the Chapel of Saint Kinga.

By Mr. Jones

Kraków, Poland

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