A Spa Treatment Just For You


Limerick is a city with much more about it than the origin of the rhyme the city is named after – not least its fine hotels. For real luxury and a great spa experience,  No.1 Pery Square is a luxury hotel with loads to offer. In particular, it specialises in providing a spa treatment that is suited to every individual. This matters more than some people think.

Everyone is different and comes with varying needs. Some might have a few aches and pains after a lot of physical exertion. Others might have been dealing with a lot of mental stress, such as through lots of hard work. Some might have  a combination of these things to deal with, or simply want to detox as part of a programme of changing their lifestyle to one of greater health – be it through diet, exercise or simply cutting out a few bad things.

Pery Square knows this well and that is why everyone is treated as an individual, with lots of choices and tailoring of treatments. Take the skincare treatments as an example. The Voya spa has a wide array of treatments, based on a range of organic seaweed-based ingredients. This combines the long-established local traditions of using the sea’s natural harvest to bring better health with the latest modern knowledge that enables these to be refined and tailored. It is not just skin that is looked after well, with muscles, mind and mood all taken care of.

There is even a Zen garden in the grounds for more relaxation. While the hotel is a great place to be revitalised and boosted, there will surely come a moment when even the most enervated guest feels so refreshed after some spa treatment that they feel like painting the town red. The good news is that the centre of Limerick is just five minutes away, with its many historic buildings and a chance to meet the locals, get some souvenirs and enjoy attractions like the Hunt Museum, St Mary’s Cathedral and the Three Bridges walking route.

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